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It’s easier than it looks! Finding your personal fashion style is about getting to know yourself, you don’t have to be an extrovert to wear color.  A vibrantly hued, solid color dress is just like black, only better.

The colors we wear depend a lot on how we are feeling mentally or emotionally at a particular time and can be a reflection of what phase we are currently going through.

There are some shades that are always going to look good on you, and some that aren't. Wearing the right colors makes a huge difference in the way you look. Fashion Dolls encourage you to experiment with different shades and see which ones look best on you, as well as which ones you like the most!

"Wear something you feel gorgeous in and don't try too hard; it's much sexier when it appears effortless. Clothes that don't fit, or don't fit the wearer's personality, don't help."
- Heidi Klum (super model)


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